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Install & Configure Storage Now you're ready for the good stuff – installing and configuring storage devices! To get started, we'll define what a storage device is, how they are used and then examines the specs of each type. Optical devices are our first storage device type, CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray's are examples of optical devices. These devices have information stored by laser on them – a process called "burned" and have a broad array of functions, purposes, and capabilities. For examples, some of them are read only, meaning once the information is burned to it, it's not alterable or updateable. Another may be writeable, meaning we can burn then update it with info up to its maximum capacity, and another type still may be rewriteable (RW) where its data can be updated and or replaced. After completing this lesson, you'll also know what the plus (+) and minus (-) sign designates for each type of disc, how they are configured, what their data capacities and outputs are, how they transmit data, and so much more!

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