Video Description

Welcome to the Intro to Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering – III class. This class begins by providing you several samples of malware analysis available on various websites or blogs. These can be used for analyzing certain malware to upskill your expertise in the area. Additionally, you can create your own malware using builders or catch your own malware using Honey Pot. There are certain malware that are triggered when scanned, extracted from Archive, or viewed icon (Word, PDF, or System Icon). You'll also learn about hash collision and why the industry is adopting SHA256 when compared to MD5. We'll also cover how to view the malware file using Command and not viewing using the icon. And finally, there are two recommended learning tools that will help you expertise in the area: Practical Malware Analysis by Michael Sikorski and Andrew Honig, and Virus Research and Defense by Peter Szor.

Course Modules