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What is Linux? This lesson offers background about the history of Linux. It is a Unix like environment but it is a free, open source software. Linus Torvalds invented the 'Linux' kernel in 1990. The kernel acts as a 'broker' between the physical and the virtual resources.

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Welcome to Cyberia. I t My name is Greg Stewart and I'll be your local subject matter expert for Lennox. Plus.
So this is part three of the first module in this course, and we already talked a little bit of the introduction to the course and giving you a feel of, ah, you know, bun to desktop would look like kind of giving you the feel of what Lennox desktop would look like, at least what we're gonna be using in this course.
And you're welcome to download any version or distribution. And Lennox that you'd like Thio were commonly referred them his destro's,
so they're commonly referred to us. You're welcome to get a fedora or red hat if you can purchase right has not freely available.
Oh, our sin tosses sent us is the closest Colonel
sibling to Red Hat, and it's it's freely available. Bun two is free. There's a lot of other ones, like light weighted one to her loop on two.
There's a lot of different destroys that you could download for this course. We're going with just a regular best top up on two,
but I wanted to kind of give a background some history on actually what Lennox is.
So you know, we talked about it. We've seen it. You kind of have an idea. Maybe you don't have an idea,
but let's time into it.
I'm sure you've seen this image associated with
pretty much anything related to Lennox. This is tucks the Lenox Penguin,
the guy that created Lennox Lennox Colonel. His name's Linus Torvalds
and basically took the name. Lennox is a derivative of his name, lioness, and the ex from UNIX. Basically, it's a UNIX like environment.
However, it's different from UNIX. Uh, in that it is free open source software. Anybody can download it and use it about having to pay for a license
licensing fee. Also, it being open source, you're able to alter the code and come up with your own distribution of Lex.
And that's something that lots of people do. That's why there's so many different likes kernels out there in different Destro's. So you've seen Tux, you know, his people have gotten a little crazy with it. There's this common sticker you'll see instead of like taking a parody on Intel. Inside
is a Lenox inside a little penguin.
It was all different kinds. This one of my favorite ones, just like the Apple logo. Except it's tucks the penguin inside there.
So there's a lot of different logos out there for linens. But the one in the middle's the mainland that was created actually buy a Linus Torvalds. He came up with the idea of
having this penguin that looked happy.
However, he looks like he's gorged. He's eating a lot of fish recently
sitting there. But he's happy and he's He's good to go, and that's kind of the The vibe and the feel of Lennox is that you can come and get what you want. It's free. You can alter it. Take the code, make it how you want. However, you feel like the desktop environment should be. That's really the beauty of Lennox.
So talk a little bit more about the history.
This picture here is a picture of Lands tour balls in 2014 Lennox Conference.
Um, he's kind of Ah, he's kind of step back a little bit now. He's not deeply involved in cozy as much as he used used to be,
but, you know, he invented the Lenox Colonel in 1990
So the interesting thing, too
to take away from this is that while Lennox is really considered the entire operating system, it's not that.
So. Lennox is actually just the name of the Colonel. So Linus invented the colonel from for Lennox. It's clinics, Colonel for the new project. That's G N U.
The new project started back in 1984.
It was, ah, group of guys that wanted to get together and create an operating system that would that they could just
distribute free of cost, about any licensing there was. The Microsoft had been coming on the scene. They've been licensing in T
and, you know, they just retired of the whole licensing model and keeping it in the situation where nobody could alter it. Everything. The AP eyes, the Co's all locked down.
So these guys thought they would come together and create this this free operating system and was called New G, and you were the new system.
What's commonly misunderstood is that while the term Lennox is company referred to as the entire operating system, it's actually not the operating system.
It is the colonel, but what the colonel does, the colonel acts as a basically, as a broker between the physical resource is and the software.
So when we need when this when the operating system needs to grab some RAM, it will reach out. The colonel actually brokers that connection between the software's requirements and needs and the actual physical hardware available.
This is much like what you'd see in Avian, where situation with the hyper visor acting as the broker between the physical resource is in the virtual resource is
so the Colonel is extremely important. And at the time, the new project didn't really have a decent enough colonel to be launched and released.
And so what Linus did was actually got ahead of them, and one had created the Lenox Colonel on 90 and released in 1991.
So, you know, it's commonly is a common issue that the new project has where they feel like it should be considered new slash Lennox
instead of just Lennox. But,
you know, for the means of this class, we're just gonna talk about Lex is being the entire operating system,
you know, Technically, it's not. It's just kind of how is in production environments, nobody ever first who is new
so it became actually became freely available in October of 1991. He decided not to apply a licensing model to it, but to just have it freely open. And also the code to be freely open. Which is the great thing about Lex.
Um then that actually have captured of the famous message Humility. Sent on a message board from Linus on what he was working on currently
and kind of what he wanted. Input on it was sent right crew launched in 1991 and you can read it here. We'll go ahead and read. It says hello. Everybody out there using Minnix minutes was an actual another type of
type of colonel that was there. It was just just wasn't You know what it needed to be the time. So he took minutes and actually altered it from their building. Lennox on top.
So he says Hello. Everybody out there using Minnix. I'm doing a free quotes. Their operating system, just a hobby won't be big and professional like new
for the 3 86 46 80 Clunes. I'd like to know what features most people would want. Any suggestions are open, but I won't promise. I'll smile fixed again,
So that's a pretty huge statement going back on now we think about what's what Lennox is used for. Now, who's using it, etcetera. It's It's pretty big. Hey, says here. The interesting things says it's just a hobby. Will be big and professional like new. I don't know that he actually meant to build it.
I'm into what is today. I think it was, in fact, just a hobby,
but it's turning out to be something much bigger than that. It's used all over the world, and some of the some of the use is actually the customers. They're using Lennox,
and there's tons of them. But some of the ones that are most most
prevalent are the Department of Defense. Throughout, most of their systems were using limits.
The United States Navy submarine fleet. Important. Important, huh?
Project they're using limits. The FAA, they did an actual complete migration. The Federal Aviation Administration. It is a complete migration to Red hat Enterprise legs. In 2006
they moved away from windows and they saved a ton of money doing it.
Um, the French parliament, all their systems are learning systems again They did a migration as well in 2006 and
saved considerable amounts of money going with the free version
and the U. S. Postal Service. All their mail sorting mail sorting systems and sort the mouth Senate where they're supposed to go. Those are all run on Lennox s. So the U. S. Postal Service is It has something over 900 legs clusters out there
that they used Thio operate there sorting facilities and, well, not so Lennox is. Ah, it's ah, it's become widely adopted.
It's freely available now in most situations, like in government situations. Red Hat Enterprise Lennox is
the main, the main distribution. That's baseline for government use. Just in my in my am
actual experience with Lennox,
um, it's because it's just slightly more locked down. The government's not super open about having open source software in their systems.
So the D o. D. In the U. S. Navy. They're using a redhead in our price. Lennox, which is a little code, is locked down. Nobody come in and change covert government systems, obviously,
so there's a little bit of a licensing fee. And if licensing fee involved with that
licensing model, but primarily all the other people that we mentioned there. They're using a different destro's you bun to bun to server.
Fedora sent Toss. I would say mainly the majority of the music sent off just cause it's most closely related to Red Hat and Price. Lennox, which seems to be the gold standards for his Lennox, comes for big systems.
But that's just a in a nut shell. A little bit of the history behind rednecks again. Linus Torvalds is creator. We're not gonna be tested on this. This is just kind of good baseline. All is said to understand, for this course and
kind of aware Lennox came from. And what what it is today was reading an article in the business journal about Linus in the interview he had with them how he said he didn't really believe it would get to what it is today, but he's kind of happy with the way that it's going. He's happy with all the destroyers that have branched off of his original in external and 90
and Bess. That's the feeling the community community operating system.
That's what you'll find online. A lot of Destro's and the websites that you go to,
you'll find that there's a large community and everybody is willing to help. And you can upload your actual
colonel, and people could take a look at it, downloaded. Play with it, kind of tell you what's right and what's wrong, what needs to be fixed
on. And that's the real bonus to having Olynyk system.
So again, there's lots to learn. This course, it's just a good baseline, so let's go ahead and proceed to the next part.

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