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Welcome to Cybrary's A+ 801 Series with this lesson on Motherboards. In this series of lessons we examine the various form factors of motherboard designs and how to differentiate their components, function, and properties, and what is met by the term, "motherboard." We'll open up a computer and do a complete inspection of the motherboard, identify the components attached to it and explain how each of them work. We'll also present several different mother board form factors and explain their purposes. So you'll learn exactly what's met by form factor, you'll learn new terms such as input/output cluster, ATX, the purpose of an expansion slot, what purpose channel memory banks and ports serve, the various types of form factors measurements and where they are used. FYI: The term form factor applies to other components not just motherboards. You'll find that form factor applies to hard disk drives as well, and that motherboard form factors for the desktop computers has evolved of the life span of computing system in general.

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