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Neighbor Discovery Protocol In this lesson we cover Neighbor Discovery Protocol and examine its many functions. For example, we discuss its ability to provide MAC address-to-IPv6 resolution and other ARP functions. We'll discuss how and why all the local data link hosts automatically become members of the multicast group, why configuring a default gateway is not necessary, and how it checks if hosts have duplicate addresses on the local data link.

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The next topic of discussion is I p v six Neighbor Discovery Protocol.
Now neighbor Discovery Protocol,
in essence, performs the same function as art does.
Four. I pee before
Neighbor Discovery Protocol uses ICMP or Internet control Messaging protocol Version six for discovering neighbors on the local data link. So are directly attached devices.
One of the functions for IBV six Neighbor Discovery Protocol is
your Mac address to I P V six address resolution.
So the same function as our performs.
Also, the way this is done is all the hosts
on the local data link will join the Monkey Cast group
or join
automatically become members of the multi cast group F F 0 to 00001 Colin ff slash 104
So if you look at this month, he cast address. You see that it is not 100 and 28 bit Address
the last 24 bits for this address. Our gained from the last 24 bits off an I P. V six address. So does our added at the very end after the FF when a query for this address
with the last 24 bits off a night BB six address added at the end of sent, the host will respond with its Mac address.
So the last 24 bits on the I P. V six address of the query host. When this addresses queried, the host responds with this Mac. Also, you don't need to configure default gateways on hosts because they are derived automatically By P V. Six. Hosts will send out router solicitations
to the multi cast address FF 02
and routers will f F zero to Colin Colin, too.
And routers will respond with their dresses that the host can configure as the default gateway on the multi CASS address FF zero to Colin Colin one also neighbors or I p v six hosts on the local link on the local data link or directly connected hosts
will send each other neighbor solicitations and respond with neighbor advertisements. Now this is done to check if there are any duplicate I P V six addresses on the local data link with the chances of that happening are very low, but I P v six still takes care at takes care
to check if they are to host
with a duplicate address on the local datalink. Next we will see how I p v 60 SPF and I p v six e a g r p is configured. You don't need to be familiar with the intimate details of these protocols as faras I p v six goes, but you do need to learn how to configure these, so let's get to it.

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