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Welcome to the Web App Penetration Testing course! Your instructor and Cybrary subject matter expert is Raymond Evans. Raymond is a real life pen tester and will share his experience and insights with you in this course. This is a more advanced course and requires that you have a basic understanding of Linux and are comfortable using the command line. It's also a very hands-on course with labs included in each module.

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Welcome to Cyber Eri.
I am Raymond Evans and I will be your hosts for Cyber Aires Web application penetration, testing course and this video We will be discussing
introductions. So what will be covered? I'll talk about who I am, and I'm not talking about some assumptions about this course and some expectations I have. So who am I? Well, my name is Raymond M. Is I'm a hacker and coffee enthusiasts and tech chunky. I hold certificates and security, plus G, C, H and G. What
security pluses
Course Security Plus and G C H is
incident handling. I'm a certified incident handler.
Uh, and G walked Is Web application penetration testing? I actively perform Web application penetration testing for a company in ST Louis. And I also actively performed network penetration testing as well.
I host a podcast. I host a podcast called The Side of Cybersecurity Podcast, and I organized CT efs for the M. C. P. A ST Louis chapter is where some of my assumptions about this course
well, this is not a basic courses kind of more advance. You have to know how to use a bunch of different tools or be able to learn how to use different tools pretty quickly. You have to at least have a basic knowledge of Lennox and be comfortable using the command line. You have to know things like I have config. L s
make the cat V I or Nana whichever is your preference
and things like that. You know how to use command line and be comfortable with it.
I could use command line constantly, and you should be using it to if your analytics environment. You should also be familiar with the M software. We will be using virtual box, and
you should be aware of how
to set it up
and make changes to the V EMS comfortably.
You'll also be able to configure your browser's proxy settings in the network settings portion of your browser.
This will come in handy when we're using tools like burb sweet and zap, because
those tools used the 127.0 dot one address as a as a proxy. So
I know how to do that. So it was covered. I talked about who I am, and I talked about some assumptions for this course, happy hacking everyone. And I hope you have a lot of fun with this course. It's gonna be a good time. I'm gonna learn some awesome stuff and you're gonna learn some really fun techniques and get to try some different things out. Get your hands and integrating into dirty. So
web out pen testing. Rue. Let's do this.

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Web Application Penetration Testing

In this web application penetration testing course, SME, Raymond Evans, takes you on a wild and fascinating journey into the cyber security discipline of web application pentesting. This is a very hands-on course that will require you to set up your own pentesting environment.

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