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This section covers the topic of cloud computing for the CISSP exam. Cloud computing is all the rage right now, but as we'll see by the conclusion of this lesson: what comes around, goes around. In a nutshell, could computing is concerned with providing services and platforms over the internet. The three main types we examine in this section are: SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). SaaS, as its name implies, provides hosted applications (software) to remote clients. A popular example is MS Office365. This is what is known as a "pay-as-you-go" model. It provides such advantages as reduced cost and greater accessibility since accessing the software is not bound to any one device. Another advantage that is worth noting is that hosted apps relieve the user of managing updates and patches. This is certainly nothing to sneeze at if you've had to spend time downloading, installing, and restarting Windows in order to manage updates on your own system! PaaS is primarily targeted at software developers and is designed to provide a context for developing software. This offloads the responsibility of installing platforms such as .Net, etc. as well as the middleware required for complex systems development. PaaS also has the ability to host applications for use by external customers as well as hosting intranet apps for use within an organization. IaaS is typically used to host storage solutions for saving data to the cloud for backup and disaster recovery. DNS services are another example of IaaS. You're using IaaS if you have a Dropbox or MS OneDrive account. We wrap up this section by pointing out that cloud computing is in effect, using someone else's computer, much like a form of outsourcing. When we mentioned at the outset that what comes around, goes around, we were making reference to the old days when green-screen terminals and mainframe computers roamed the earth. This model has evolved into the thin client model which we now have with cloud computing. Finally, with cloud computing, also comes risk in the form of having no direct control. The good news is that Cybrary is proud to announce a new certification training course in cloud security, so stay tuned!

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