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PATA & SATA For this lesson, we want to more closely examine the SATA & PATA connection methods for hard drives, and we begin with the PATA and discuss both SATA and eSATA which is its external capacity version. One function of the PATA connection that is helps determine which storage device is the primary and which is secondary, you'll learn why this is significant and how this is synchronized by the system BIOS. You'll learn the specs of each connection on the cable ribbon, the function of each connector color and the importance of the long vs. the short segment of the cable if not color coordinated. For the storage device itself, we'll demonstrate the connector as well the purpose of each segment and as how to read cable selection guide on the drive, how to configure jumper settings. And finally we'll diagram and contrast how the parallel and serial cables transmits, what's met by "contamination or cross talk" and which cable connector is faster, smaller and more efficient. You'll also learn what a Molex connector is, where you'll find it and what purposes it serves, and how it differ from the PATA to the SATA connectors.

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