Video Description

In this video series, Kelly Handerhan takes us on a fascinating tour of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. But don't let the title throw you off, this area of IT security affects everyone that's been issued a credit card! The number of data breaches of credit data is quickly becoming legendary. Do Target and Neiman-Marcus ring any bells? They should. The good news for aspiring IT security professionals is industry demand for PCI DSS subject matter experts will only continue to grow. The topics covered in this series revolve around the essential elements of PCI DSS. These are basically the why, what, how, and who and consist of 12 essential requirements. This is a global data security standard and is not limited to just the US. The credit card payments industry is a self-regulated industry, which means the responsibility for monitoring and enforcement falls on its members. These members are the merchants and vendors who process credit card transactions and maintain cardholder data. Along with maintaining such obviously critical data comes a great deal of responsibility and the penalty is the loss of the ability to process credit card payments.

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