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This lesson focuses on how to perform quality assurance. Quality assurance validates the process not the product and creates change requests and project management plan updates. [toggle_content title="Transcript"] Now we finish the planning stage. It only has one process, plan quality management. Now we are under the executing stage so we are actually performing work so its perform quality assurance. Performing quality assurance validates the process not the product. You are more concerned about making sure the process is correct. You are not concerned about the product at this point. This creates, change requests, project management plan updates. It's inside the project management plan which we just created. This as you remember details the methodologies for quality assurance and continuous process improvement. Remember the process improvement plan, so it must align the project within the organization. If you can imagine if your company is CMMI or OPM3, you have seven processes that have to be met to conform with how your company does business. Quality matrix also just created from the previous process defines the characteristic and variables that are measured and provides the details of acceptable variances. If you can remember, if your standard is 95 percent, and its plus or minus five percent, if it is 89 percent, it fails. If its 90 percent, its within tolerance, its fine. Or another example, if your tolerance is 90 percent plus or minus five percent. You reach that 90 percent goal and you keep going. You reach 95 percent you are still good, you go to 96 percent, now you are gold plating cause you are doing more than what was required. Quality control measurement is another input. Provides the quality criteria and the procedures. The tools for perform quality assurance are quality management and control tools. This evaluates the data against the quality management plan and quality matrix to determine our performance. This is making sure the procedure is doing what it needs to based out of actual data cause you are executing to ensure that the procedure is good. Quality audits, these are quality activities to make sure you comply with the company's policies, processes and procedures. Going back to your CMI or ISO, your project has to comply with those policies, processes and procedures in order to be compliant with the rest of the company. Process analysis, you are going to utilize that process improvement plan and you are basically trying to optimize the performance of those procedures. In summary, we have gone over the inputs which are the quality management plan, process improvement plan, quality matrix, quality control measurements, and project documents. The tools are the quality management and control tools, quality audits, process analysis. Your outputs are change requests, project management plan updates, project documentation updates, and organizational process assets. [/toggle_content]

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