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When we talk about power supply to our computers, we're really talking about power conversion of one source to another. Power supply is responsible for converting the alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) to be used internally by the computer. The different wire colors represent different amounts of voltages. The typical power unit (PSU) AC-DC is 400 watts of greater. Each computing system is different and therefore the power supply requirements and PSU wattage is also different, "so they are not interchangeable!" Modern power supplies comes with switches that indicate the voltage, we demonstrate where it is an how to read it ad for what countries each setting applies, as well as proper distance practices for positioning the computer so that it's not shut on/off accidentally and damage isn't done to the power cord connection port. We'll also discuss and diagram the wiring harness and dissect the most common wire colors found in the power assembly in terms of voltage and purpose.

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