How to Protect your Mobile Device

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mobile devices are becoming more and more popular in the work force. Their big benefit is there portability. But that also is one of their main vulnerabilities as well. If we're gonna use mobile devices in the workplace, we need to make sure that we follow some good security principles. Make sure they're protected with
passwords or pass codes or some means
that would require you to have strong authentication
looted. The only way to secure Bluetooth is to disable it. So when it's not in use, turn it all,
um, applications from you install applications on these mobile devices. They want to know. Can I share this information? You know, can I have access to your camera or, true, your location or any of those other elements? Watch what information you turn over to an APP.
There's no reason a cooking application needs to know my locations. We're gonna think about that.
Um, if you're storing sensitive information, make sure that you have access to the remote white feature, which means if you lose that device from a remote location, if you type in the proper code, that device can be wiped clean of any information.
Other good things for mobile devices. Track your mobile device now. You kind of have to decide about that because that requires the GPS function, which, of course, tracks location information.
But you gotta weigh the pros and cons of whether or not you want to be able to locate that device. Should you believe it,
um, jail breaking or routing your device will break your device free of any sort of manufacturer requirements or limitations. However, you compromise your service contract and you leave it open to some vulnerabilities as well. So these mobile devices
more and more popular smart phones, tablets,
of course, laptops. Make sure that we did that. We secure these devices. Make sure that physical security's never overlook. Lock up your last thoughts. Mobile devices when they're not used to be very careful as you travel with them. Sensitive information that's mogul really presents a unique threat to us.
the following steps, I hope, uh, are
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