RJ11, DB-9 and Plenum vs PVS

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RJ11, DB-9 and Plenum vs PVS This lesson covers the RJ11 connector, which is a bit smaller than an RJ45, it has 6 pins as opposed to 8. An RJ11 is used by standard analogue telephone services. These connectors can carry electricity and power over Ethernet. This lesson also covers DB9 connectors, which are serial port connectors and they allow us to...

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RJ11, DB-9 and Plenum vs PVS This lesson covers the RJ11 connector, which is a bit smaller than an RJ45, it has 6 pins as opposed to 8. An RJ11 is used by standard analogue telephone services. These connectors can carry electricity and power over Ethernet. This lesson also covers DB9 connectors, which are serial port connectors and they allow us to connect devices. DB9s can transmit over an Ethernet cable, making data transmission easier. Participants also learn about Plenum vs PVS connections. Plenum cabling is safer and fire resistant and most buildings needs it in order to pass fire safety inspections.

Video Transcription
next we have our R J 11 Kate Connector now are our r J 11 connector looks a lot like R R J 45 connector, but it's a bit smaller. Instead of having eight total pins, it has a maximum of sink six pins. Some of our connectors and some of our ports
actually use even less than these six pins, and we have. We also have two wires inside of these inside of these arty 11 connectors. So R. R J 11 connectors are typically used by our telephones. So were you will use an R J 11 connector. R J 11 Kate on R J 11. When we are
moving, telephone wires are telephone connectors,
and we're connecting a simple telephone to the wall. Now we sometimes use R J 45 connectors in a hotel in a telephone. If that telephone is a voice over i p telephone. But if it's just a standard analog telephone service that will be using in R. J 11 connector into the telephone now, we mentioned that our R J 11 connectors can carry electricity.
This is this is
equivalent to our power over Ethernet, which we have used which we can use on R R J 45 cables. We talked a little bit in a different module about our power over Ethernet. But essentially our power over Ethernet is the capability of pushing electricity over our R J 45 cables over our cat cables
to power things like
I P cameras or different devices, which we wouldn't necessarily need a an individual power court, an additional power cord into that device. We can just instead using R J 45 cable are using R J 45 a cat cable with power over Ethernet to power the device
as well as transmit and receive transmit to and received data from the device on R J. 11 R R J 11 has its own version of this. It can also carry electricity, which is why some telephones don't need an additional power cord to them. All they have is the telephone court to them, and that telephone cord powers them
and also provides with data.
Now, in addition to our R J 11 cable, we also have a cat cable called D. B nine. Now R D B nine cables are D B nine. Connectors are
connectors which are serial port connectors,
and they look like so now our D B nine connectors. They have well, they have nine pins or nine holes, and they allow us to do things such as connect in two devices so we may have a device which it with a DV nine rs 2 32 connector Ah, cereal comport on it,
such as a manage switch, and you'll have the serial port on the back.
And in order to manage that switch through a command line, we will take that connector, plug it into the back of the switch, plug it into where it needs to go and then run, run the other end to a computer or to, AH, laptop, which is also a computer, but to a laptop or a desktop.
Now these DV nine cables can transmit over an Ethernet cable so we can have a serial to Ethernet, back to cereal,
and that allows us to use the Ethernet cable to transmit the data a little bit easier. Maybe we want to utilize some of our existing Ethernet structure to transmit that data so we don't have to take a 50 foot long, 50 foot long D B nine connector, take a 50 foot long serial cable and stretch it across our office.
And again, our D B nine connectors were gonna have nine pins. That's reference by the D. B Dash nine. The nine reminds us that we have nine pins on it, and our connector on our cable cable is typically going to be female. And then the actual connector on the device is going to be male,
and we say female because it has the receiving holes and our male ends
have the pins on them.
So that's our D B nine connectors. Now, our last concept that we need to take a look at, especially with our Ethernet, our cat cables is planum versus PVC. Now Planum is we're talking about. Planum are planning usually refers to planum spaces in our environment.
This is everything from walls to ceilings, toe floor spaces,
essentially their areas that are out of the open. But they're they're enclosed air spaces where air moves through. But they aren't. They aren't actually habitable. Spaces were not going to be sending up a workstation for someone inside of our drop ceiling. Hopefully not anyway,
um, or inside of our wall or inside of our floors.
So when we're running cables through the spaces, we want to use planum cabling. Now why do we want to use Planum cabling versus standard cabling? Well, planum cabling is we're talking about planning cabling versus Stainer cabling, also known as PVC cabling. This is referring to the outer rubber plastic jacket,
which is on the cable and on the strands inside the cable
on our standard non planum cables. This jacket is made of PVC, and when PVC burns it, a mixed emits toxic fumes. Now we don't wanna have a lot of that. Running through our airspace is because in case there's a short or in case there's a fire, we don't want to be releasing those toxic fumes.
So instead what we use our planum cable ings.
Now Clinton cabling is more expensive, but when it burns, it does not release toxic fumes, and it's also a little bit fire resistant, so it helps prevent from catching on fire. So by utilizing this planum cabling, which in many jurisdictions there's actually fire regulations that are plenty of spaces, do have tohave planting cabling,
and you may have a fire inspector come in and pop a ceiling tile
or papa floor panel and check and see if your cabling is upto up to code. Then we may need to use this planet cabling, which again is more expensive. But we're not gonna have those toxic fumes released, and they're gonna be a little bit more fire resistant.
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