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USB stands for universal serial bus; it's a connectivity device that has been integrated into everything from computers to cells to TV systems and automobiles. USB is replacing many older connectivity devices and at the same time, establishing connectivity between devices that never communicated before such as a smart phone and TV or smart phone and the vehicles we drive. There are three different types of USB devices, USB 1.1, 2.0, 3, USB Low Power; the difference amongst them is the connection speed. If you've ever purchased a USB adapter/hub to use in your car then plugged in your cell but it didn't work? That's because the vehicles USB capability and the adapter/hub's capability are not the same. After this lesson is complete, you'll know the speed ranges for each USB type, which USB type is referred to as High-Speed, which types are able to communicate with each other and within each type, the variation in connection types and what types of devices they facilitation communication between.

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