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Vincent McKeown is originally from Buffalo, New York. He joined the US Navy right out of high school. During his first two years in the Navy, he learned about electronics and communications. Following this experience, he sailed the world and then went onto a White House Communications Agency where he assisted the President, Vice President and First Lady in their daily communications. He has a bachelors and masters in management as well as a second masters in IT management, which inspired him to get into project management. Obtaining a PMP certification gave him the knowledge necessary to learn about the processes that help move a project along from start to completion. [toggle_content title="Transcript"] Welcome to Cybrary. My name is Vincent McKeown. I'm the subject matter expert for the project management professional certification. A little bit about myself; I'm originally from Buffalo New York. At 18 I joined the navy and I spent my first two years learning electronics and communication. After that I went on US navy for 4 years where I sailed the road. Then after that I ended up going to the Whitehouse communication it's where I supported the president, and the first lady as far as communication. I got off the navy, I ended up getting my bachelors and masters in management and then shortly after that ended up getting another masters in IT management. So what really made me get into project management? As a kid I always enjoyed the Lakers, I always enjoyed building things. Then the time at the navy I also enjoyed running projects. The thing I realized before I had the PMP, I would always do projects but they weren't really formalized. They were very basic. I knew I needed to get something done. With the PMP certification it gave a foundation on processes in place and how to execute those processes. My projects went from having a very high level time course scope of what was going to be done. I now had information and knowledge in ten areas in which to run a project. I was able to take a project from the very beginning, from project charter all the way to closing. I had knowledge in each one of these processes and how to execute it efficiently, to having projects that had a course baseline had a scope requirement with the baseline. I was able to monitor and to make sure that I was meeting my baseline along the way. I was able to finish projects on budget and on time. [/toggle_content]

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