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everyone welcome back to the course, So you should have completed the previous lab successfully. So again, in that lab, you use end map as well as open Voss and this lab. You're going to use a tool called Court Impact. So going to be using the professional version, basically, you're just gonna run another vulnerability scan and then do some reporting so
somewhat similar to the last lab in that aspect of it. But you're just using a different tool
to get a little more hands on. And this lab is another. You get another good amount of time in this lab, right? So you get almost two hours worth of time that you could use the work through. Most of that is around the reporting side, in case that slows you down a little bit. But
keep in mind, just like with all the other labs, make sure you check these boxes as you're going through the steps on the lab to make sure you get credit for the lab. Once your complete And if you haven't downloaded this step by step guides, be sure to go into the resource section of the course to do so.

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