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WAP Settings This lesson covers how Wireless Access Point (WAP) settings contribute to a secure WiFi network. Within the WAP settings are the Service Set ID (SSID). This is the name used by WAP and it can be made more secure by turning off broadcast and changing the name from default to safeguard information. Also within the WAP settings is the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) which leases IPs to end clients. Disabling DHCP makes it harder for people to connect to a wireless network since they cannot come up with a valid wireless IP range. Media Access Card (MAC) filtering is also a way to make WAP settings more secure. Each Network Interface Card has a MAC and using filtering allows only devices that are on the Access Control List (ACL) to connect. In addition to these methods, it is also important to check log activity to see if there is anything out of place, and learn it all in this lesson about WAP settings.

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