Fixing and Installation Systems of Legrand and Wurth Malaysia

Fixing and Installation Systems of Legrand and Wurth Malaysia

Finding good quality materials is extremely hard in the construction industry. Whether it’s the construction or installation, there is always a need for good quality materials that can help in building resilient structures and better buildings etc. Not only would you be looking for installation materials for your home or office, there is a great need in the Malaysian market for such products.

Malaysia, a country on the way to greater development, plans to achieve a status of high-income soon. It’s great news, but that means more products are required for fixing and installation. For this purpose, it is greatly expanding the construction industry to quicken the path to national development.

And with so much construction on the path to completion, and even more construction projects to be expected, there is a great need for good quality materials that could last long-term. So, if you’re looking for materials and fixing systems for residential and non-residential buildings or any other work, look no further!

Fastfix has been a leading supplier in the construction industry in Malaysia for many years. All its fixation and installation products come from reputable brands like Walraven, Hilti, Legrand and Wurth. The reasons for Fastfix’s reliability and reputation are given below.

Fastfix – Our Solutions in Malaysia

Providing customized installation and fixing designs in the market, Fastfix works for mechanical and electrical projects. In addition to that, we also provide solutions for aircon, rooftop, piping, stadium, building, solar farms and infrastructure projects. We can now provide you with on-site support as well.

Fastfix has worked with many of the local construction industry’s clients and has a range of top-quality products that can help build resilient infrastructure. We also provide pipe clamps, fixing systems and many other building materials and supplies in Malaysia. With more than 100 bestselling items, we aim to not only deliver the best products, but also to continue innovating and improving on technology.

Authorized Dealer of Legrand and Wurth in Malaysia

Fastfix is the authorized dealer of brands like Legrand and Wurth. Fastfix is also the sole distributor of Walraven. With exceptional quality materials, what we offer is reliable, cost effective and optimum solutions for builders.

One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of electromechanical and electronic components, Wurth Electronics guarantees complete design-in support to customers. From EMC components and capacitors to power modules and power elements in press-fit technology, Wurth offers them all. We use only high-quality products from Wurth for our projects in Malaysia, as an authorized dealer.

Meanwhile Legrand is a global specialist in the electrical and digital building infrastructure. Its solutions cover the comprehensive range of residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Legrand provides UPS, installation components, digital infrastructure, building systems, cable management, user interface and energy distribution.

Archidex Malaysia

One notable industry event to look out for is Archidex, South East Asia’s leading annual exhibition on International Architecture, Interior Design and the Building Exhibition. Archidex has partnerships with the leading brands worldwide. The event is held annually in Malaysia and brings together experts, brands, students, professionals and planners. Archidex has been growing phenomenally since 2006, having received 2 RAWR awards in 2015 by AFECA. Fastfix, being a participant of Archidex, looks for better ways to improve our products for end users. Not only are different products displayed in the exhibition, but there are also links with Institute of the Architects in Malaysia who organize Archidex.

Growing Company

As a growing company, we are the ideal firm to approach for any fixing or installation issues. With more than 24 categories of products listed and several more subcategories, we aim to improve the construction experience and results. Fastfix has also completed many projects for varying sectors, which you can view. These include solar farms and infrastructures improvement works for buildings. If you’re looking for fixing systems and materials for residential, industrial and commercial purposes in Malaysia, feel free to contact us to see how we can support you!